At Yumeyuki Language Institute, we offer comprehensive opportunities for students in Myanmar to excel in both English and Chinese languages. Our teaching methodology focuses on practicality, fostering strong communication skills while providing an enriching cultural experience.

Practical Lessons

Our curriculum emphasizes practicality,
ensuring students acquire language skills applicable to both daily life and professional settings.
Our structured modules allow for a comprehensive grasp of English and Chinese that facilitates
effective communication in various contexts.

High-Quality Instructors

Our institute is proud to boast a team of highly experienced instructors dedicated to
tailoring guidance to suit each student’s learning pace and objectives. These instructors bring
expertise and a passion for teaching, ensuring a conducive learning environment for all students.

Cultural Experience

Beyond language proficiency, our curriculum integrates cultural experiences
that deepen understanding and appreciation of English and Chinese culture and customs.
Immersive activities and interactive sessions allow students to gain a holistic understanding
of these vibrant cultures.

course list in yumeyuki

Course list

English Language Courses

Focuses on essential communication skills, including writing essays, making presentations,
and conducting meetings in English.

Chinese Language Courses

Introduces Mandarin basics, focusing on speaking, listening, reading,
and writing for day-to-day business interactions. Builds on foundational skills with
a focus on business-related vocabulary, negotiations, and cultural nuances.

Japanese Language Courses

The Japanese language program offers a comprehensive approach, comprising an introduction to basic vocabulary and grammar, conversation practice to enhance speaking and listening abilities, and an exploration of cultural aspects and traditions to foster a deeper understanding of Japanese society.

Guide to working in Singapore

As a bridge between Myanmar and Singapore, We provide high-quality
English and Chinese language education and effective human resources services,
Our mission is to contribute to the success of companies and individuals.

1. Understanding Singapore’s business culture

Understanding Singapore’s business environment and social structure will improve
your work efficiency. Learn basic business etiquette, such as the importance of courtesy and hierarchy,
and how to conduct meetings and transactions.

2. Develop solid language skills

It is important to improve your English language skills for effective communication.
Learn business English necessary for working in Singapore and phrases used in social life,
achieve smooth communication.

3. Teamwork and cooperation

Teamwork is highly valued in Singapore companies.
Cooperation and mutual respect enable smooth business operations.
The key is to be conscious of collective action and actively cooperate.

4. Active questions and feedback

In Singapore, it is important to express your ideas through questions and feedback.
If you have any questions, actively ask them and express your opinions,
which will deepen your communication.

By understanding and practicing these points, Everyone from Myanmar can acquire
skills to work in a better working environment.


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