Recruit Flow

At Yumeyuki, we respond quickly and effectively to inquiries from overseas companies
and introduce excellent human resources from Myanmar to Oversea.

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    Please initiate contact through our inquiry form or by phone,
    allowing your esteemed company to articulate its requirements and preferences.
    Our dedicated representative will respond promptly to collect comprehensive information
    regarding your company’s specific needs and expectations.
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    Interview/Needs Analysis

    We will arrange a thorough interview session to discern precise job requirements,
    specifications, and desired skill sets sought by your esteemed company.
    Through an in-depth needs analysis, we will craft personalized talent profiles to
    precisely align with your requirements.
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    Presenting the most suitable proposal aligned with your company’s needs based on
    the outcomes of our interview. Upon mutual agreement, we will proceed meticulously with
    the necessary contract formalities, securing the arrangement officially.
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    Candidate Selection and Interview

    Rigorously screening potential candidates to identify individuals
    who best match the specified criteria and standards. Facilitating interviews and
    comprehensive skills assessments to ensure candidates’ alignment with your esteemed
    company’s precise needs.
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    Confirmation and Agreement

    Upon the final selection, facilitating the exchange of written agreements
    between your esteemed company and the chosen candidate.
    Thoroughly finalizing employment conditions and schedules,
    ensuring mutual understanding and agreement.
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    Visa Application and Procedure Planning

    Offering dedicated support throughout
    the candidates’ visa application and necessary procedural steps.
    Ensuring expedient arrangement of essential documents, facilitating a seamless transition into Japan.
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    Deployment to Oversea

    Upon completing all procedures,
    arrange for the candidate’s journey to oversea with meticulous attention to detail.
    Providing unwavering support even after their arrival, ensuring a smooth transition into their new role.

Through flexible and reliable support tailored to customer needs,
we provide excellent human resources from Myanmar to overseas companies.
Please feel free to contact us.


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