Eight people depart for Japan with tokutei ginou visa (restaurant industry)

go to japan for work in restaurant with tokutei visa

Today marks the departure of students who successfully cleared the interview for positions in the restaurant sector, courtesy of Yumeyuki Japanese Language School. We extend our best wishes as they set forth for Japan.

Departure Information

  • Departure Date: January 22, 2024
  • Destination: Japan

These students are embracing a fresh start, and taking a new step towards their academic pursuits in Japan. We eagerly anticipate witnessing them accumulate new experiences and chase their dreams.

Yumeyuki Japanese Language School remains dedicated to supporting the growth of our students and facilitating their study abroad journey. For more information about our programs and success stories, please visit our Japanese version of YumeYuki Japanese Language School website.

We look forward to their continued success.”


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