Japanese Work Visas for Myanmar Nationals

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Japan offers various work visas for foreign nationals seeking employment opportunities in the country. The specific type of visa you would need depends on the nature of your work and your qualifications. As updated in January 2022, here are some common types of Japanese work visas for Myanmar.

1. Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa (Engineer Visa)
This visa suits those engaged in work related to natural sciences, engineering, humanities, or international services. Professionals in fields such as IT, engineering, design, and language instruction often fall under this category.

2. Skilled Labor Visa(Tokutei visa)
Introduced in 2019, Tokutei Ginou (特定技能) is aimed at attracting skilled workers in specific industries facing labor shortages. The specified industries include nursing care, agriculture, restaurant business, hospitality, food and drink manufacturing industry, and more.

3. Technical Intern Training Visa
This visa is for individuals who come to Japan for technical training or internship programs. It is designed to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge to foreign workers.

Japan’s work visa options provide a gateway for Myanmar nationals to pursue their professional ambitions in a culturally rich and economically vibrant environment. Navigating the visa application process with the right knowledge and preparation is the key to unlocking a rewarding career journey in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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