Career Path in Car Parts Manufacturing

Name  -    Kyaw Myo ,Nyan Lin Maung
Visa Type - Work Permit
Position - General Worker( Car parts manufacturing)
Salary -   USD 370
Departure Date - 8.2.2024
Township-   Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia)

Wishing Kyaw Myo and Nyan Lin Maung all the best as they embark on their work journey as General Workers in car parts manufacturing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. May this opportunity bring growth, fulfillment, and prosperity in their lives.

Japanese Work Visas for Myanmar Nationals


Japan offers various work visas for foreign nationals seeking employment opportunities in the country. The specific type of visa you would need depends on the nature of your work and your qualifications. As updated in January 2022, here are some common types of Japanese work visas for Myanmar.

1. Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa (Engineer Visa)
This visa suits those engaged in work related to natural sciences, engineering, humanities, or international services. Professionals in fields such as IT, engineering, design, and language instruction often fall under this category.

2. Skilled Labor Visa(Tokutei visa)
Introduced in 2019, Tokutei Ginou (特定技能) is aimed at attracting skilled workers in specific industries facing labor shortages. The specified industries include nursing care, agriculture, restaurant business, hospitality, food and drink manufacturing industry, and more.

3. Technical Intern Training Visa
This visa is for individuals who come to Japan for technical training or internship programs. It is designed to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge to foreign workers.

Japan’s work visa options provide a gateway for Myanmar nationals to pursue their professional ambitions in a culturally rich and economically vibrant environment. Navigating the visa application process with the right knowledge and preparation is the key to unlocking a rewarding career journey in the Land of the Rising Sun.

For more in-depth information and resources on Japanese work visas, visit our Japanese version website:

Eight people depart for Japan with tokutei ginou visa (restaurant industry)

go to japan for work in restaurant with tokutei visa

Today marks the departure of students who successfully cleared the interview for positions in the restaurant sector, courtesy of Yumeyuki Japanese Language School. We extend our best wishes as they set forth for Japan.

Departure Information

  • Departure Date: January 22, 2024
  • Destination: Japan

These students are embracing a fresh start, and taking a new step towards their academic pursuits in Japan. We eagerly anticipate witnessing them accumulate new experiences and chase their dreams.

Yumeyuki Japanese Language School remains dedicated to supporting the growth of our students and facilitating their study abroad journey. For more information about our programs and success stories, please visit our Japanese version of YumeYuki Japanese Language School website.

We look forward to their continued success.”

Type of Singapore Visa

In Singapore, a myriad of visas caters to diverse purposes, and this holds true for individuals from Myanmar seeking opportunities through our overseas employment agency. Whether planning a visit for tourism, engaging in business activities, or pursuing employment opportunities, understanding specific visa requirements is essential. Tourists typically apply for a Visit Pass, while professionals seeking job opportunities may require an Employment Pass (EP) or an S Pass. Business Visit Passes are suitable for those involved in short-term business activities.”

Families relocating can explore Dependant Passes or Long-Term Visit Passes (LTVP). Our overseas employment agency facilitates seamless connections, guiding individuals, including those from Myanmar, through the visa application process and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations. As a bridge between talent and opportunities, we play a crucial role in empowering individuals to navigate Singapore’s visa landscape.

For those aspiring to make Singapore their permanent home, various pathways are available. Always refer to the official Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or Ministry of Manpower (MOM) websites for the latest information. As a reputable overseas employment agency, we are committed to assisting individuals from Myanmar in realizing their ambitions in Singapore. Our expertise lies in facilitating successful transitions, from understanding visa intricacies to securing meaningful opportunities in the vibrant landscape of Singapore.

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Why Choose Myanmar Talent for Your Malaysian Factory?

1. Skill Diversity

Myanmar’s workforce brings a diverse range of skills and expertise to the table, offering your factory a unique blend of capabilities crucial for operational success and innovation.

2. Work Ethic and Dedication

Myanmar professionals are known for their strong work ethic and dedication. By integrating Myanmar talent into your factory, you’re bringing in individuals committed to contributing to your production efficiency and success.

3. Cultural Harmony

Malaysia’s cultural diversity finds synergy with Myanmar’s workforce, creating a harmonious and collaborative work environment. This cultural alignment can positively impact team dynamics and productivity.

4. Cost-Effective Solution

Leveraging Myanmar talent can be a cost-effective solution for your factory’s human resource requirements. YumeYuki ensures that your hiring process is streamlined, minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency.

Key Benefits of Working with YumeYuki

Tailored Job Matching

YumeYuki takes pride in its meticulous job-matching process, aligning your skills and preferences with the best-suited positions in construction and factories in Singapore.

Visa Expertise

Navigating the visa application process can be daunting, but not with YumeYuki by your side. Our experienced team guides you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free transition.

Cultural Integration Support

Adjusting to a new work environment and culture is easier with YumeYuki. We provide cultural integration support to help you feel at home in Singapore.

Ongoing Assistance

YumeYuki’s commitment extends beyond the initial placement. We offer ongoing support to address any concerns or challenges, fostering a long-term, successful partnership.

Embarks on Singapore Expansion

work food processing in Singapore

Congratulations to one of our students who just passed the Singapore interview for the Food Processing Worker position in Singapore.

Wishing for a Smooth Transition in Singapore and the Achievement of Your Goals.

YumeYuki Actively Recruiting for Job Opportunities in Singapore Alongside English Courses.

Go to Malaysia(02-01-2024)

Go to Malaysia for working in car spare part factory

The memories of students from YumeYuki’s second batch, engaged in car spare parts production, extend to their experiences in Malaysia.

Wish everything goes well in Malaysia and realize goals.

If you want to know more about jobs in Malaysia from YumeYuki, you can come and inquire in person.


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