YumeYuki Co., Ltd. is an overseas employment company founded on October 19, 2017.

Initially, our focus was on establishing language schools committed to delivering high-quality and practical education in English, tailored to ensure the success of Myanmar students.

On February 4, 2019, marking a pivotal milestone, the Ministry of Labor of Myanmar granted us a shipping license, signaling our expansion into providing comprehensive human resources services. With this approval, we broadened our horizons beyond Singapore, venturing into connecting exceptional human resources from Myanmar with Singapore companies and those in Malaysia, Korea, and Japan.

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At Yume Yuki Language School, our mission is to foster intercultural communication and facilitate connections between valuable human resources in Myanmar and abroad, helping both companies and individuals in their growth. Committed to contributing, we provide practical lessons and cultural experiences, empowering our students with enriching experiences that propel them toward success on the global stage.

In addition, our human resources service introduces excellent human resources from Myanmar to Singapore and Malaysian companies. Based on trust and security, we act as a bridge between companies and human resources. We value our partnership with our customers and look forward to building the brighter future together.

Yume Yuki remains dedicated to contributing to societal and individual development. We pledge to persist as a steadfast and trustworthy presence for all. Thank you sincerely.

Mr.Kyaw San Tin



Our vision is to foster cross-cultural communication and facilitate global exchange of human resources. We aspire to contribute significantly to the growth and development of individuals worldwide by bridging diverse cultures and empowering people through enriching opportunities.


As a leading agency specializing in sending talented individuals from Myanmar to Singapore and Malaysia, our mission is to be a seamless conduit for cross-border employment. We achieve this by providing exceptional services in facilitating placements, delivering top-notch language education, and offering comprehensive support. Our dedication lies in empowering individuals and contributing to the success of businesses in these vibrant Southeast Asian nations.


Company Name YumeYuki Co., Ltd.
CEO Kyaw San Tin
Establishment date October 19, 2017
Head office location 〒 11211, Building No.,22 157th St, Tarmwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Telephone number +959-7655-33948(Telephone reception: Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
Email address [email protected]
Company license 100808285
Agency license number 35/2022

Yumeyuki builds relationships of trust with Myanmar students and companies, Contributing to global human resource exchange. We will continue to strive to create the future together with our customers.

yumeyuki license
yumeyuki license


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