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YumeYuki – Myanmar human resources
sending agency for overseas companies

A bridge that connects global human resources.

We deliver human resources to Singapore, Malaysia and develop new possibilities.

As a partner who challenges dreams and builds the future together.

Our Strength

YumeYuki Co., Ltd. has unique strengths as a specialized company
that sends human resources to Oversea.

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Extensive Job Opportunities

Leveraging our strong connections and partnerships, we offer a diverse array of job opportunities across multiple industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan. These opportunities are specifically curated to meet young job seekers’ aspirations and skill sets.

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Empowerment through Employment

We believe in the transformative power of employment. By providing access to jobs in two thriving Southeast Asian countries, we empower young individuals to gain valuable international exposure, fostering personal and professional growth.

Cultural Bridging and Support

Recognizing the importance of cultural adaptation, we provide comprehensive support and guidance to our candidates, ensuring they are well-prepared to embrace the work cultures of Singapore and Malaysia seamlessly.

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Commitment to Compliance

Our agency is well-versed in international employment laws, work visas, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a smooth transition for candidates while adhering to legal requirements.

Why choose YumeYuki?

With a track record of successful placements and
a commitment to transparency and ethical practices,
YUMEYUKI provides personalized, reliable, and trustworthy services to both clients and candidates.

Service feature

YUMEYUKI provides
Myanmar human resources as
a sending agency for overseas companies.

Strategic Talent Matching

At YUMEYUKI, we specialize in matching skilled workers from Myanmar with the specific needs of businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan. Our meticulous selection process considers specialized skills, language proficiency, and cultural understanding, ensuring an optimal match for each job placement.

Visa Support Services

We understand the complexities of international employment and provide comprehensive visa support to facilitate a hassle-free process for sending out workers. Our team ensures a smooth and compliant visa procedure, adhering strictly to legal requirements in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan.

Cultural Adaptation Training

Recognizing the importance of seamless integration into a new work environment, we offer cultural adaptation training to workers from Myanmar. This training equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt swiftly, fostering smooth communication and effective business execution in both countries.


YumeYuki, established in 2017, is renowned for its comprehensive language education encompassing both English and Chinese proficiency. In a pivotal step forward, YumeYuki achieved the milestone of obtaining a sending license in 2019. This accreditation reinforced its commitment to facilitating the exchange of talented human resources from Myanmar to esteemed overseas companies, while also extending support to individuals seeking opportunities abroad.

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YumeYuki specializes in facilitating seamless procedures and providing extensive support for overseas companies seeking to recruit skilled human resources from Myanmar. By offering comprehensive guidance and assistance, Yumeyuki ensures a smooth and efficient hiring process, aiding businesses in navigating the complexities of international recruitment. Their expertise lies in streamlining procedures, offering in-depth insights into Myanmar’s workforce landscape, and guiding companies through legal and compliance aspects.


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